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3Keys GmbH successfully delivers Track & Trace projects internationally.

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The Company

3Keys GmbH is specialised in delivering Track & Trace projects of all kinds adapted to the needs of various industries. We offer the following services:

  • Consulting and implementation of Serialisation and complete Track & Trace solution
  • Consulting and implementation of global Mobile Solutions for supply chain integrity
  • Consulting and implementation of Global Batch Traceability
  • Own IT Products (Project Delivery Accelerators)
  • Outsourcing / Nearshoring

Based on more than 30 successfully delivered global Track & Trace projects we design, implement and support Track & Trace solutions and processes as required by our international customers. Due to heightened requirements and regulations facing industries such as the Life Sciences a strong focus of our activities is to implement respective Track & Trace solutions.

Our team of 40 consultants, headquartered in Germany, with a strong track record in Track & Trace is complemented by a significant network of external partners and project resources.

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Our key business areas and expertise


Consulting and implementation of Serialisation and Track & Trace projects

Our core business is focused on delivering Serialisation and Track & Trace solutions from project setup, design, implementation to roll-out and process support, including integration of contract manufacturing (CMOs) and third party logistics (3PLs).

Our unique selling propositions include:

1: We consult on and implement proven Track & Trace solutions, independent of providers, according to best practice adding value to your business:

  1. SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals and Pharma Network (SAP ATTP/ SAP PN) and SAP OER/AII solutions
  2. Honeywell – Movilizer cloud based Repository and backend integrated mobile solution

2: We support our customers to achieve and sustain Supply Chain Integrity and derive the full potential of implementing Track & Trace.

3. We deliver time and material at fix price if wished.


Consulting and implementation of Mobile Apps for customer specific requirements

Unique technical experience in implementing Honeywell Movilizer cloud-based technology to enable mobile business processes, e.g. enterprise mobile applications for T&T in global supply chains.


Consulting and implementation of Global Batch Traceability (GBT) projects

3Keys GmbH has unique pioneer knowledge and experience in SAP GBT. As of today GBT is a market niche and only a few experts exist worldwide.


Own IT Products

Roadmap for highly requested IT Solutions for T&T, e.g. SAP Migration Tool for SAP OER Migration; Out of the box Mobile App for supply chain integrity and verification; Archiving for T&T; Global cloud-based Label Print Solution for serialized finished product


Outsourcing / Off-shore resourcing

Possibility to offer reduced overall IT project implementation costs by accessing highly skilled and price-efficient nearshore resources in IT project delivery, e.g. in T&T projects and mobile app development.


Delivery of T&T Programmes of any complexity


Delivery of Blueprint documents for T&T solutions and their roll-out

Functional Design

Delivery of Functional Design for T&T solutions

T&T Realization

Implementation of T&T solutions

Support and Roll-Outs

Support of T&T roll-out projects and support of customers’ business processes (post Go-Live)

Project delivery

Our projects are defined and delivered in a phased approach by performing the following activities.

Project setup

  • Project Initiation
  • Scope Definition
  • Org Structure Setup
  • Environment Setup
  • Resource Allocation
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Project Management
  • Scope Sign-off
  • Project Initiation Document


  • Detailed Requirement Gathering
  • The Fit / Gap Analysis
  • Local BBPs
  • Test Strategy
  • Function Specifications


  • Solution Implementation
  • Master Data Management
  • Integration
  • Technical Specifications
  • Validation Support
  • Knowledge Transfer (Trainings)
  • Go-Live & Project Closure
  • Post Go-Live Support

Managing Team

Responsible for
Philipp Koehler
Senior Solution Designer and Functional T&T Consultant
Project Delivery
Philipp has 10 years of T&T and GBT experience, gained in more than 16 global T&T projects across various industries with a focus on the pharmaceuticals industry. His leadership experience encompasses the delivery and final roll-out of global T&T programmes. These T&T solutions include the implementation of SAP ATTP, SAP OER, SAP AII and SAP GBT.
Pavel Kanskov
Senior Solution Architect / Development Lead and Product Owner of T&T IT Products
Technical Director
With 13 years of SAP consulting experience Pavel dedicated the last 6 years to T&T and delivered 9 global T&T projects for Life Science customers. His technical expertise includes SAP ERP, SAP WM/EWM, SAP ATTP, SAP OER and SAP AII.
Stepan Lialine
Senior Solution Architect and Solution Designer for global Supply Chain T&T solutions
Sales and Marketing
Stepan is responsible for Sales, Marketing, Strategy and Partnerships. He has 9 years of consulting experience delivering global T&T programmes as well as extensive experience in implementing global supply chain solutions across multiple industries.