Track & Trace compliance in Russia is quite specific – governments started the pilot T&T project for furs just a few years ago and inspired by its success, came up with an ambitious roadmap to introduce serialization and reporting requirements for almost all industries by 2024.

T&T reporting became mandatory for tobacco manufacturers from July 1st 2019, pilot projects for Pharma started in 2018 and the legal deadline is 1st of July 2020. Some features of Russian legislation are (but not limited to):

  • End-to-end process coverage, from serialization on the manufacturing site (or at least before customs clearance for non-serialized imported goods) until final sale to consumer via POS
  • Printed 2D codes consisting of a serial number and crypto code, provided by government IS, that allows for offline validations of the serial number
  • Reports of owner change should contain pricing information, increasing transparency for government tax services

Our company’s portfolio includes complete and ongoing T&T projects for Russian customers and for Russian subsidiaries of global corporations. We are happy to offer our Pharma clients the 3Keys MDLP connector, a software that compliments SAP ATTP reporting, providing extra features including automated e-signature for reports, monitoring of data exchange with government IS, inbound message fetching and processing.